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If you experience telephone or video problems or discover an outage, please call the F&B Communications Repair Line at 563-374-1238.


Problems or troubles that are determined not to be the fault of F&B Communications will be billed accordingly. A labor charge of $70 is billed in one-hour increments. Materials are extra.


Whether it's a small or large construction project or a homeowner project (such as putting up a fence, clothes line, planting a garden or shrubbery, building a deck, etc.) call Iowa One Call 48 hours prior to digging (not counting weekends or holidays). Iowa One Call will notify the owners and operators of underground facilities, who are IOC members, of this planned digging activity. They in turn will mark or flag the ground for you, so you will know where all your underground utilities are so you'll know where NOT to dig.


Breakdowns in your home telephone inside wiring and jacks or TV wiring and outlets can be an unforeseen hassle. F&B Communications’ LineGuard optional wire maintenance plans cover diagnosis and repair of the inside telephone wire and jacks that provide your F&B Communications dial-tone service and/or inside coaxial/ethernet cable and outlets that provide your TV service. With LineGuard or LineGuard plus, you will not pay any labor or material charges if you need an F&B technician to make repairs covered by the plan. LineGuard covers telephone wiring and LineGuard plus covers both telephone and TV wiring.

LineGuard (phone only) $2.45/month
LineGuard plus (phone and digital video) $2.95/month

As an F&B Communications customer, you are responsible for maintaining the inside telephone wiring from the protector (usually a small gray box on the outside of your house) to your telephone devices. The transmission facilities used to deliver your service from the central telephone office to the protector are maintained by F&B. “Inside wire” refers to the wiring running from the protector to the telephone devices in your home. Customer-owned telephone equipment such as FAX machines, modems, satellite receivers or answering machines that may be connected to a telephone jack are not included in the definition of “inside wire.”

Digital Video/Cable TV
As an F&B Communications customer, you are responsible for maintaining the inside coaxial/ethernet cable from the ground block (a connecting block installed on the outside of your home) or protector to your video device. The transmission facilities used to deliver the signal from the company head-end to your home are maintained by F&B. Customer-owned video devices such as televisions, VCRs, satellite receivers, cable converter boxes or line amplifiers are not included in the definition of “inside wire.”

Customers who choose NOT to subscribe to a LineGuard plan are responsible for the maintenance of their inside wiring. You have two options to repair faulty inside wiring: make the repair yourself or contact F&B Communications to make the repair based on an hourly rate. The current charges for service are $70 an hour, billed in one-hour increments. Materials are extra.

The monthly charge for LineGuard is $2.45 per line. The monthly charge for LineGuard plus is $2.95. A one-time set-up charge of $10 applies to add either plan. All pricing subject to change.

Terms and Conditions
1. Under the LineGuard or LineGuard plus plans, F&B Communications will repair telephone service problems which are in the wiring and jacks inside your home or business. If the problem is in the wiring between the protector and the jack, or in the jack, F&B will repair or replace the wire and/or modular jack. If the problem is caused by defective or faulty telephone equipment, F&B will let you know the source of the problem. LineGuard does not cover buried or underground wiring connecting out-buildings such as shops or barns on the same extension.

2. Under the LineGuard plus plan, in addition to the terms and conditions listed above in Item 1, F&B Communications will repair video problems which are in the coaxial/ethernet cable wiring and outlets inside your home or business. If the problem is in the wiring between the ground block/protector and the outlet, or the outlet and the video device, F&B will repair or replace the defective cable and/or outlet. F&B will repair or replace defective splitters. Technicians will assure the quality of the signal to be within the legal confines defined by the Federal Communications Commissions for one connected video device. Installation of additional video devices may warrant the customer’s necessity to purchase line amplification equipment or splitters.

3. You agree to pay a monthly charge for LineGuard or LineGuard plus. There is no added charge to repair problems in the wiring, jacks our outlets inside your home or business. LineGuard plans are provided on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled by the customer or F&B Communications at any time by giving verbal or written notice to the other. If you have more than one access line at your location, you must subscribe to LineGuard for each line.

4. LineGuard does not cover (1) problems caused by willful damage to the facilities used in the transmission of telecommunications services or inside wiring, jacks and outlets; (2) inside wiring that is not working or disconnected at the time LineGuard coverage is initiated; (3) the activation and re-activation of jacks or outlets, relocation of jacks or outlets, replacement or installation of new inside wire, jacks or outlets; (4) damage caused by fire or Acts of God; (5) lines with a telephone key system such as a PBX or other non-basic telephone system; (6) inside wire, jacks or outlets that do not meet industry standard for telecommunications; and (7) any repair or replacement that would endanger the safety of an F&B technician.


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