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I choose Lincolnway Long Distance as my primary toll provider. My signature authorizes Lincolnway Long Distance, in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, to act as an agent on my behalf to switch my long distance toll (interLATA) and/or local toll (intraLATA) to Lincolnway Long Distance. The fees associated with switching to Lincolnway Long Distance will be waived. I understand it is my responsibility to notify my former long distance carrier of my decision to switch. Lincolnway Long Distance uses services from other interexchange carriers to provide toll services. I understand that I may designate only one carrier for each InterLATA and IntraLATA service to the telephone number(s) listed. By signing, I confirm that I am at least 18 years old, a member of the household and authorized to switch toll providers on the telephone number(s) listed above.

If you have read and understand the terms listed above, please type the words "I Agree" in the box below:


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Submitting this form will generate a request to F&B Communications. An F&B representative will contact you by phone or e-mail during business hours to confirm your order.

Please e-mail info@fbc-tele.com if you have any questions or need help completing this form.


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