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I can't make long distance calls.

If you find that you can make local calls, but have difficulty making a long distance call, consider the following:


  1. Check to be sure that you have not subscribed to one of the call restriction features, such as Per Call One Plus Blocking or Bulk One Plus Blocking.
  2. Your long distance calls may be restricted by your designated long distance carrier due to non-payment of an outstanding bill.
  3. If you just had service installed, have you notified your long distance carrier? If not, contact your carrier to establish service. New customers who sign up for Lincolnway or INS long distance will be connected automatically.
  4. Check to make sure that you or someone in your house hasn't placed a "toll restriction" on your line.
  5. There may be a problem with your long distance carrier. To verify your long distance carrier, dial 1-700-555-4141 from the phone number you want to check.

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The transmission facilities used to deliver your service from the central telephone office to the protector installed at your home or business are maintained by F&B at no cost to you. Problems or troubles that are determined not to be the fault of F&B Communications will be billed accordingly. Customers who subscribe to a LineGuard maintenance plan will not be charged for repairs made by F&B technicians in accordance with the LineGuard terms and conditions. All other customers who contact F&B for repair will be assessed a labor charge of $70, billed in one-hour increments. Materials are extra.


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