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My phone rings, but no one's there

If you answer your phone but there is no one there, check for the following:


  1. Do you subscribe to call forwarding? If so, your calls may ring only once and be re-routed to an alternate number.
  2. Unplug all telephone devices (a telephone device may be a telephone set, cordless telephone, answering machine, fax machine, computer modem or satellite receiver) from their baseboard or wall jacks inside your home. Plug in a corded phone into one of the jacks and ask someone to call you. If that doesn't work, try a different phone or jack.
  3. You may have received a misdirected call. Computers or fax machines could be programmed incorrectly to dial your phone number. You could answer a ringing phone and get no one on the line, a fax tone or a computer tone.
  4. Telemarketers may use computerized auto-dialers that dial multiple numbers at one time. When someone picks up, the telemarketer speaks with the first person to answer and your line is left dead. F&B's Telemarketer Call Screening stops unwanted call from telemarketers, blocking them before your phone rings.

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The transmission facilities used to deliver your service from the central telephone office to the protector installed at your home or business are maintained by F&B at no cost to you. Problems or troubles that are determined not to be the fault of F&B Communications will be billed accordingly. Customers who subscribe to a LineGuard maintenance plan will not be charged for repairs made by F&B technicians in accordance with the LineGuard terms and conditions. All other customers who contact F&B for repair will be assessed a labor charge of $70, billed in one-hour increments. Materials are extra.


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